Infused Water

The combinations are endless with what you can use in infused water. When you’re making them for on-the-go, these Voss Water bottles are great! With a wider mouth opening than most water bottles, they make it easier to fill with your fruit.

Infused Water

Here are the 4 combinations that I made:

  • Strawberry, and Lemon
  • Strawberry, Mint, and Lemon
  • Orange, Lemon, and Mint
  • Cucumber, and Lemon.

4 Comments on “Infused Water”

  1. Amy Burgess says:

    I think I’m using the wrong Voss water bottle as the opening to the bottles I have are no bigger than a normal plastic bottle. Could you tell me what size these are as I bought them purposely for this and would end up throwing the bottle away due to not getting the fruit back out.

    • Le'Becca says:

      Sorry for the late reply Amy, this comment slipped past me somehow. I use the 1.5 PT size (its large). You can use the regular as well but you have to get creative with a knife or chop sticks to get the fruit out. When I use the regular size I normally just use the fruit for it’s flavor & refill the bottle a few times then throw it away.

  2. Linda Borger says:

    Once you make the lemon how long can it stay in the fregator

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